Saturday, August 14, 2010

Laid back beach celebration

I am not really a fan of the beach wedding.Mostly because I'm a baby and I just don't think I would enjoy the sand + wedding gown + hot sun. I do however think a laid back, evening celebration would be fun. It would need to be super casual and comfy...

BBQ'd sossies and toasted marshmallows, a cold beer or hot chocolate in hand. Kids playing soccer on the beach and grown ups, celebrating around the bonfireBuckets of flowers buried in the sand and hanging outdoor lights.
Ahhh bring on the summer evenings! 

dress- coliena rentmeester, flowers- brides cafe, table of food- we heart it, girl holding plate - fotobank, Seagull- we heart it, lanterns- we heart it, hot choc-, sodas- gordon gossip blog,  sparklers- elizabeth anne designs. Gumboots -little elk, shawl favors-inspired by this,  groom- in the now, 

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