Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Trend 2012 - Glitter!

There is something about glitter that brings out the little girl in all of us. 
I noticed the local spotlight stocks mod podge..... I'm trying to refrain from glittering the entire house & all our belongings! Not sure Husband would approve!

With that said, at an event you don't want to go overboard, and have EVERYTHING doused in glitter, but below are some ideas for creative glittery elements to your big day!
Enjoy some glittery gorgeousness!

Isn't it all so glam! I love the cutlery idea, would be an ideal cute decor addition for any occasion!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Versatile dusty pink

I have a lovely friend who is getting hitched in just a few months and she has just taken the big step of purchasing her dress. It's always such an amazing thing for a bride to find the 'one'. I am excited to see her in it. I won't name names or be too descriptive because of course it needs to be a surprise for her guests but I put together a few colour palettes that she might find handy.
Also you might like to check out this gorgeous romantic!

Happy planning pretty lady!!


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