Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Green velvet, old books and a touch of rouge

The below post was inspired by the handsome devil in the gorgeous jacket. I would pass out if he came walking up the isle towards me! He looks like an english gent who would spend his days reading F. Scott Fitzgerald by the fire sipping brandy. 

I am currently adoring online shopping, as NZ is a rather small and limited market. Some of my favorite spots for vintage inspired fashion are Ruche, Asos, and Modcloth. Check them out for things like bridesmaids dresses and gifts, grooms attire (asos) and shoes, glorious shoes!! I have included a few items in the board below.  

Anywho... this is the wedding Lord Hotness and I would plan together...

 1&7, 2,  3, 4, 5,  6 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Honey Mooners Pt1 : Venice

Another collection? Why of course! I have been rather quiet on the Blog front in the aftermath of my Wedding. [pictures are coming soon, I assure you!]

My latest inspiration has been Vintage [but of course!] Travel Posters. They have inspired me to make holiday outfit themes for Newlyweds, based on potential locations!

Today's Destination: VENICE!

I love all the colours in this beautiful Vintage Holiday poster of Venice, and it just screams romance, sun, sea and happiness. Light Sage & Strawberry Ice highlight the Tea and Cocoa in this Venice-Inspired Honeymoon theme board.

Venice is one of those cities that I think everyone dreams of visiting, and would make such a romantic Honeymoon destination.
Gondola Rides, wine-filled lazy lunches in the sun, a Venetian Masquerade Ball, hitting the Italian Fashion Boutiques; all make for an irresistible romantic Honeymoon!

poster, sandals, dress, sunglasses, headband, handbag, men's shorts, men's t-shirt, sunglasses, converse, straw hat, bag

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Downton Abbey Geek-out

Ok, so please forgive me my nerdiness, but I have just read the Downton Abbey book. Yes, there was a behind the scenes book published about the history of the era and how things would have worked in a house similar to Downton. So interesting to read and the photographs were just gorgeous. I was swooning all over the place pawing over images of the sumptuous gowns and glimmering silverware.

This was an uncertain time, especially for young ladies as they were still bound by tradition, but the hope of freedom was on the horizon with the Suffragettes and also the first world war, which allowed women to get out of the house and contribute to the effort.

Anyway, the book naturally led me to a Downton inspired post. Think absolute luxury, vintage lace and silk, and of course monogrammed invitations my dear. Follow this link for a cute Customiseable monogram template.

Image sources 12, 3 (ITV) 4567

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dresses to make your dreams come true!

I thought it was about time for some pure and simple eye candy/dress inspiration so I trawled the web for some confections. The new spring collections are out in the US and also the Temperley London website has some totally droolworthy peices. I loved them so much that I couldn't pick just one for this post! Here are my favorites. Hope you enjoy perving at these pretties as much as I did.
(PS. there is a definite 1920's goddess trend going on out there.)

1 A stunning look from Alberta Ferreti. I love the contrast between total fairy princess on the bottom and glam casual on the top. So unique! 2 And the folds, pleats and ruffles on this gorgeous sand coloured Vera Wang are a floaty geometric masterpiece. 

 3 Jenny Packham made it hard for me to choose my favorite out of the array of stunners in this collection. Delicious, yum, gorgeous, amazing!  4 This little old world beauty was found on Etsy, by The English Dept.  Simple but so drop dead wonderful!

5+6 My obession with Temperley London means both of these incredible pieces are on my favorites list. Modern glamour / 20's chic. If you want all eyes on you at your wedding (which of course you do!) either of these gowns would do the trick.

7 The lovely Monique  Lhuillier is the go to gal for ethereal, soft bridal gowns. This look makes me go all marshmallowy inside. So Romantic. 8 Temperley London  does it again with more 1920's inspired goodness. This photo is fantastic and the dress is fantastic-er.
9 If you like a soft billowy look with all the detail up top, this treasure found on Etsy hits all the right notes, and 10 from the oh-so-right Temperley London (Enough said!)

11+12 Another couple of sweet Etsy finds here and here to leave you with. 
Have a fab day!


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