Friday, December 2, 2011

Bohemian dream

I have put together a Boho inspiration board before but I love the dreamy quality so much, and bohemian themed weddings seem to be gaining popularity so I thought I would see what other dreamy inspirations I could find. Here's what I came up with. Hope it inspires you...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby shoe heaven! Joyfolie!!!

Ok I'm a little excited. When I came across the most gorgeous baby shoes I have ever laid eyes on on Pinterest, I'm telling you my heart started beating faster, my mouth went dry and I said to baby must have at least one pair of Joyfolie shoes! OK they are kind of pricey but worth it! They are drop.dead.amazing...And they ship to NZ!!!!!!
Here are a selection of my favorite shoes and boots from their website. Perfect for a teeny tiny flower girl don't you think. 

I had better start saving my pennies so I can get my bubs some of the black and white spotted numbers!!
Images all via Joyfolie or Pinterest.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dahlia love

It's no secret we love dahlias. It's in our name! Dahlias are pretty easy to grow and easy to work with which makes them a great choice for DIY brides looking to do their own wedding flowers. The fantastic thing about dahlias is their colouring. From soft ivory through to sweet peach, candy stripes, ballerina pink  to deep purple. So Devine!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Urban Icons - Contemporary Jewels

If you are at all like me, you love anything unique. If you love an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and you want to start by making a statement with your wedding ring, here is someone you might be interested in...

Debra Fallowfield creates totally hand crafted contemporary jewellery. The look is urban and modern. You wont see 'dainty' or 'usual' amongst this collection. These are serious pieces of jewellery and they are GORGEOUS.  'Offbeat designs are created in gold, silver and platinum often set with rare gemstones or diamonds - uncompromising workmanship and supreme attention to detail are Debra's trademarks'.

I love how the gemstones look like little glittering bubbles in the metals, my personal favorite being the second from last. What an engagement ring!

"Precious metals, rare gemstones 
and  sparkling diamonds are  coaxed into 
exquisite wearable art". 

If you want unique and you want contemporary, I suggest you check out her website. Find her contact details here.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Roman Holiday

Because I had so much fun using the old 'It Happened One Night' movie poster for inspiration I thought I'd turn it into a little series. This Roman Holiday poster is so fun and though the movie itself is in black and white, I can imagine it in bold bright colour!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Old movies, new inspiration.

I was browsing the net for inspiration when I stumbled apon a gorgeous poster for the old time film "It Happened One Night'. This film is one of my favorite classics and Clark Gable is just so dreamy! Not to mention the lovely Claudette Colbert. With the movie culminating in a wedding what could be more perfect! Here is my board inspired by this artwork.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Looking back.

My wedding was well over a year ago now but my close friend and compadre/co-bloggerist has her own nuptials coming up and it got me remembering my lovely day. I shared some of my photo's with you all back then but here are some more of the special moments and details. What is really sad is that the lovely church we were married in has been seriously damaged buy the canterbury earthquake so we really cherish our pictures of the way it was. It makes me excited for Helen as she will be making her own special memories soon that she will look back on throughout her life. Thanks to Moda fotografica for the photography and Ruby and Willow for the invites.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes it's possible to find unique accessories in NZ!

I got married last year and one of my few regrets was that I couldn't find a suitable accessory to go with my gown. Wouldn't you know it, 19 months too late I found the one I want!! Love this Headband!!! jensen|andrews is an Auckland based boutique bridal business that offer MODERN accessories. Thank you!! Finally NZ seems to be catching up and leaving the 80's behind! Joy!
They are based in Auckland, but can make to order and send products throughout the country. And if you are anything like me...super intent on having exactly what is in my imagination, they can create pieces from sketches made by the bride. I love that they use gorgeous silk and lace and the designs are very vintage inspired. YUM!

Here is a sneak peek at some of their work. I have paired them with dresses in need of accessorizing just for fun.   Ph: +64 21 809858

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Smile

Have you ever thought of having a wedding film made. I always toyed with the idea but had visions of cheesy home movies with awkward 'where do I look' and 'how do I hold my arms' moments. BUT I came across this gorgeous wedding video and my mind was changed completely! Stunning. What a way to capture the atmosphere of your big day. Still shots are great but I think you will agree with me when you see this, that film can really invoke the mood of the day.

Grey Area productions is responsible for this lovely work. Pop over to their site and have a nosey at their film and photography here.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winters last hurrah

We are finally heading out of winter here in New Zealand, but we are still getting our fair share of grey days! The other half of the world are heading into the chilly season, so I thought I'd give you a hit of  winter inspiration. I've gone for a minimal look which would be great for a chic inner city or loft wedding.

1. real simple, 2. Valentino/coolspotters, 3 Etsy, 4. Emmas design blog, 5. Ruby and willow, 6. Asos, 7. Emma's design blog, 8. Etsy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three Nice Things.

Three Lovely things for your Sunday......

o h 
m y
g o o d n e s s. . . . . . 

This Image made me die a little inside, for three reasons;
1. She is  b e a u t i f u l.
2. He is b e a u t i f u l.
3. Together, they are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen.
4. The photography is i n c r e d i b l e.
So I lied. I found four reasons, and could in fact probably find more If I could compose myself.
{Click the picture for more!}

Martha has done it again!

Super. Duper. Cute.
Generally, I am not a fan of paper flowers. They all look the same. But these are SO nice!
My favourite is {obviously!} the Dahlia. And then the Spray Chrysanthemum. Which is a flower I don't generally like! 
{Click on the picture for More Martha!}

Can never get enough
B o n  I v e r

Justin Vernon is Incredible.
I will always love his music. Always.
The new album is SO pretty, and is definitely included in my Wedding!

Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday.
Here's to a fabulous week ahead. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disney Princess Series; Ariel

I feel a little sad that the Disney Princess series has ended. I really enjoyed putting together the inspiration outfits.
Recently, I watched The Little Mermaid II. I have to wonder about myself. ha! Girls obviously never grow out of the princess stage!

My favourite part of this outfit, are the coloured tights, and the re purposed spoon ring! Quirky! {follow the link below the outfit to see individual items}
Disney Princess Series; Ariel

I hope you enjoyed the Disney Princess Series!
Stay tuned for more goodies.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Disney Princess Series; Jasmine

I think Jasmine is the most forgettable of the Princesses. I think it may have something to do with the lack of a Meringue Gown.
Jasmine is still pretty awesome, though.
She is best friends with a TIGER! Hence the Raja inspired necklace selection. =]

Disney Princess Series; Jasmine

Disney Princess Series; Jasmine by creaturefear 

I am in LOVE with this colour combination! The rustic green, with the biscuit is so complimentary and the gold mixed in gives the outfit a classier edge.
I can see this outfit in a destination wedding, you could even swap the shoes for some green flip flops!

One more princess to go! Which has been your favourite so far?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Disney Princess Series; Belle

Good evening Brides! I hope you are enjoying my Disney Princess  Series.
Today's instalment is My Personal favourite Princess - Belle! I love her for her bookishness, and have tried to incorporate that, with the ADORABLE Great Gatsby Book-Bag. I love quirky, unexpected Items. [Especially in Weddings!]
My faves in this outfit are the afore mentioned bag, and the Cogsworth  inspired necklace choice. =D
Disney Princess Series; Belle

Beautiful Belle!
I am very much in love with the shoes, too. I want to add them to my wardrobe!

Who is your favourite princess?

I cant resist but add some Beauty & The Beast!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Disney Princess Series; Aurora {Sleeping Beauty}

Below, is my Aurora inspired outfit.

{click link below to see individual items}
Disney Princess Series; Aurora

I think that the outfit would lend nicely to a Bridesmaid. The berry red of the dress is such a delectable shade, and makes a great statement. Would go fantastically with a wedding theme of rosy pinks & ecru.
The black shawl accentuates the black on the waist of the dress, and I can picture it being worn as a shawl over the shoulders, or maybe hanging at the elbows of your bridesmaid. {It is also a nice wee reference to Aurora in the forest! See below!}

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Disney Princess Series; Cinderella

Good evening Brides & Vendors!

I've been wondering for a while what inspiration I could post for you next. Then I had a dress fitting this morning.
I would be lying if I said it hasn't made me excited.
How, I hear you ask Is she going to tie this in with inspiration, rather than a garbled mess of words on how excited she is for her own Wedding?

Well, my dears, I felt like a Princess. My dress isn't even finished, and it made me feel a million dollars. Feeling like a Princess is something, I hope, that every Bride gets. On that note, I thought; What better way to get inspiration, than from the best Princesses EVER!? I'm afraid I'm not talking about Diana or Katherine, though I'm sure there are plenty of Wedding blog posts out there about them.
I am talking about Disney Princesses.
I dare you to look me in the eye... well, screen, and tell me you have never wanted to be Aurora.
Ah! See, you wanted to be a Princess when you were younger too!

Stop rambling, Woman! I hear you cry.
Very well.
I am creating Inspiration Boards on my new found obsession {yes, I am aware that i am several years behind the rest of the world} Polyvore!
So here we have it. The Disney Princess Series.

Today is my take on a Modern Day Cinderella.

I still love the Coloured Wedding Dress trend, and think a minty green/blue is a subtle take on it, and a nice alternative to white.
Follow the link beneath the board to access all the information on the items, and stay tuned for the next Princess. Who's it gonna be?!

The Disney Princess Series; Cinderella

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's been a long time...

My, my my. What a year we have had!
Things are still not back to normal, and I fear it is still to be a while until life is back on a steady track!
Blogging is, I'm afraid not too high up the list of things to do, but I will really try to do as much blogging as possible!

The wedding is SO close. Three months to go! I really wish I was more organised!
We have had a bit of a hiccough with the venue. =/ 
It has turned out to be more damaged by the June Earthquake than was originally thought, and is subsequently yellow stickered (restricted access) this means that the beautiful dining room will not be accessible for the reception. With such a short time frame, finding another place is out of the question. We are having a marquee set up on site, which while it is not ideal, is still a venue and a roof over the heads of our guests. I will work to try and make it as beautiful as the house interior!
Damage to the bedroom. [This is where I was going to get changed on the day. =( ]

But for now, On to the goodies!

Good News for Vintage Lovers, Christchurch! 
Tete a Tete and Two Squirrels Vintage sadly have been extensively damaged in the earthquakes and The shop locations are within the cordon. Vanessa & Warren are saying goodnight to Tete a Tete - But there is some good news in this story! Two Squirrels Vintage will be re-opening at a currently secret location, on the 2nd of September. Almost a year to the day of the first earthquake.
I wish Vanessa & Warren the best of luck, and look forward to shopping with them soon!
Keep updated by checking out their blog here; Two Squirrels Vintage.

On the inspiration side of things;

Ice & Paprika Inspiration Board.
This would lend so nicely to a winter wedding. The obvious Icy cold Blue, with a Spicy Paprika Orange to warm things up! Textures would be a great addition to this palette, or even a bit of a pattern. [LOVE the Tartan shoes & Bow Tie!]
Please enjoy! =]

Images; Bride, Cake, Elie Saab Gown, Bouquet, Carved Pumpkins, Shoes, Bow Tie, Raw Sapphire Ring

Saturday, April 16, 2011

These are a few of my [current] favourite things!

This post is all bout some current favourite things. Things I have stumbled upon whilst trawling the Internet. =]

These divine beauties below are from from Alexandra Grecco on Etsy. 
Any of the headpieces would make fabulous accessories for your bridesmaids, or even just get yourself a delectable birdcage veil, like "The Valerie" below.
There are even adorable scalloped shorts, floral print skirts, and mini bow hair clips!

Next up is an adorable little DIY project. 
Wedding rings are expensive, [We might even get ours from overseas!] But if you are DIY inclined, and have tools at hand, try out this DIY silver ring!
You could use a 50c coin, which is very much the same size as the 10p used in the tutorial!
I love the hammered look of rings, and this is just so cute, and upcycled! You could try making a pair, or even making a little gift for a Bridesmaid or Groomsman. 
I even think it would look nice on a chain if it doesn't fit.

Ah, Happy Saturday!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Earthquake News, and some inspiration. =]

Good morning, friends.
I do hope this finds you all well. 

What can I say? It has definitely been a trying seven months for us over here in Canterbury.
First of all with the September Quake, which left us pretty darn rattled. The Canterbury spirit came out in force, and got back into it, I managed to get back to work in the city only a week after the event.
Then we had Boxing day, which closed a lot of the buildings in the city again, not to mention the constant unnerving aftershocks, practically every day.
By February, things were beginning to get back on track, {I even posted on The Blog!} our work was back up and running, more people were returning to the city to shop. 'Brilliant!' We thought, 'Definitely down, but not out!'.

My working week tends to start on a Sunday, and that Sunday I had a very odd feeling. I did not want to go to work, at all. I shrugged it off, thinking I was just tired from not getting much sleep, but the same happened on the Monday. I thought it very strange that I should still be so negative about going to work, I slept pretty well the night before, I wasn't tired at all.
I awoke on the Tuesday, and it was an odd day from the word go. The air felt heavy, and my feeling hadn't subsided. 'Maybe it's just one of those weeks' I thought to myself.
Work was pretty manic that day, our first day of having two testing rooms running - lots of patients!
In the middle of booking an appointment for a patient, she swore down the phone, not in an aggressive way, but it took me a moment. "What the f**k?!" for a split second I thought she was swearing at me, but then it hit, The phone went flying out of my hand, and I almost followed it across the desk. I will never forget watching a lady in the street throw her arms up, and scream, trying to run, but stumbling against the moving street. The glass above the store broke in what seemed like a chain reaction, a shower of glass fell in front of the store.

I held myself up between the desk and the drawers, and somehow managed to make it to my Boss and a Co-worker who were close by. 
"Its a big one!" My boss yelled at me over the rumbling, and the creaking of the building. Her face was white, and we all stood, holding each others arms for stability against the shaking ground.
It seemed to last forever, when it subsided for a moment, the Optometrists and patients poked their heads out of the door, everyone was in a state of shock. "What just happened?" they asked, [neither of the Optometrists were Christchurch Locals]
You could hear screams, and dust began to drift down the street. We didn't need to tell them.
The shocks kept hitting, but we couldn't decide if we would go outside in the street, or stay in the store.
We eventually decided that we just need to move, we need to get out of the city, away from buildings. I made a mad dash down the back of the store to get my phone and bag, and grabbed whoever else's belongings were on the pegs.
Thankfully, throughout all this drama, I saw Laura and her Husband. It helped knowing that they were okay, one less person to frantically try to get hold of on overloaded phone lines.
We followed the evacuation down to Cathedral Square. My Dad managed to ring me, and I broke down at his voice, and the sight of the Cathedral.
We then got evacuated to Hagley Park, where we stayed for about an hour, unsure what to do. We then decided we all just wanted to get home, so we walked. We went our separate ways, and I walked for about three hours out of town, and my Brother managed to pick me up on the way out of the city. We were very lucky to be living out of the city at the time. We had power and water come straight back on.
At home I had the best cup of tea ever. I couldn't stop crying for hours, if not days. Every time I saw or heard something on the news, It would make me cry my eyes out. An absolutely terrifying experience, one which I wish never to experience again!

Well, I apologise for that post going on for a while, It became a bit of a rambling mess. We will try to do some blogging, but between Wedding Planning, and all the Post-Earthquake drama, its hard to find a moment to sit down with my beloved, never mind sit down with the lovely Blog and fill in a post!
I will however, try my best. =]

On a more cheerful note, have an inspiration board! 
Autumn has definitely arrived. {Already?!}
So I have made a cozy board of Wedding inspiration for you today!

Biscuit and Copper. {with dusky blue highlights}

images; blanket via pinterest, hair via pinterest, lanterns via nestfully, shoes via anthropologie, couple via weddingwire, couple & barn via pinterest

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pastel Peach Inspiration.

We are still here! [If not a little bit absentee.] We have been a little preoccupied as of late, and must stress our sincerest apologies.
Thanks for hanging on, readers.
We are still ticking along, and still drowning in inspiration from all over the Blog world.

I hope this is the start of more regular posting, our Inbox is chocka-full of yumminess too, so keep your little eyes peeled!

There is a photographer who dropped a Hello into our inbox last month, who is having a lovely little competition!

In other news, The Ivory Dahlia turned One last month! Which is kind of hard to believe. [This means my wedding is even CLOSER. eek!]
In celebration of that, I thought I'd return and share some eye candy!

Enjoy my Lovelies!
From, Helen.

Links; bouttoniere, belts, bunting, stationery, dress, polaroids


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