Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY Moss Graffiti.

Lets just admit it, everyone loves lettering at Weddings.

Wether it be the Newly-weds initials, an inspiring quote above the makeshift altar....

We also adore Moss Covered Letters;

But I have actually fallen in L O V E with Moss Graffiti! {click images for links}

There is a simple recipe from WikiHow to make your own Moss Graffiti Paint.

Find a board, and paint your design. Spray with water and watch it grow. I suggest giving yourself a few months ahead of the big day to a) get it right with practice, and b) give it time to get super Mossy and delightful!

It would make such an amazing backdrop with your married name like above, or a touching quote or song lyric.
For a touch of whimsy try some animals, bunnies and deer have great silhouettes. an outdoor wedding would really suit this!
How about table numbers on handmade wooden signs?

You could do whatever you wanted with this idea! What would you create?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Projects - Real Wedding.

The Wedding Posts are nearing completion!
Excited? I hope so. =D

My Wedding had a whole lot of DIY. 
I would not have been able to do it all without the help and support of my Husband, my Maid of Honour & Bridesmaids, My Dad and his handiwork {not to mention his printer!}, Our very own Laura, and last but not least my AMAZINGSUPERTALENTEDRESOURCEFULANDBEAUTIFUL Mum!
Some of the DIY projects included a Photo Booth, put together lovingly, and stressfully by my Father and his Son in Law!
The Invitations, which I designed myself using free graphics sourced from various places on the web{namely pixels & ice cream.} and tediously printed, trimmed and posted.
The flowers - helped by Laura and the bridesmaid crew.
Favour Bags expertly filled and decorated by my trusty MOH, Sarah!
Blackboard signs, constructed by my Father and decorated by the MOH and myself.

Photographs all my own.

I would never have put it all together without the help from everyone involved. I did try to do it all myself at first, but there comes a point where you just have to let it go and take whatever help people will offer.
The moral of the story?
Do not be afraid to ask for DIY help!
People willingly oblige 9 times out of 10. Usually just to ensure that the Bride doesn't have a meltdown!
Ultimately, my Wedding Weekend came together beautifully, if not without a few hiccups and stresses - but what event is stress free?!

We would love to hear about any DIY projects that you may have done or be doing for your Wedding. Feel free to share with us on Facebook, or contact us via the 'Share Your Wedding' tab at the top of the page!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIN a Wedding dress, you say?!

Ruche have an amazing Competition to WIN a Wedding Dress!

Do you have a Pinterest account?
Do you love Weddings?
Do you have upcoming Nuptials yourself?

Then this is the competition for you!
The information is below, or click on the link to be taken to the original post on the Ruche Blog!

Good Luck!
{Let us know if you win!}

Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Wedding; Helen & Vish {Sneak Peek!}

Dear Lovelies,

I'm working on it!

We will hopefully going to get the Wedding to you soon. New Husband and I have come back from the UK, both tired and straight back to work!
So, please forgive me for being a little bit lax....
But here is a wee taste of what is to come!

More soon . . . . .

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love is Minty!

I love pale, soft and subtle barely there hues that are a favorite look for weddings right now, but it wouldn't be any fun if everyone did it! I know there are some quirky brides out there that just want to have fun with a colour palette that pops and details that are sweet and perhaps a little different! Pink and Mint look soooo good together. And love hearts... well its a wedding right?



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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ruth and Adam

I was delighted to receive a lovely email in my inbox a few weeks ago from the beautiful Ruth, who kindly shared with me the photographs of her special day. I had to share this elegant wedding with you, dear readers. The Vintage touches are just delicious. I must also give special mention to Ruth's Mum who did the flowers herself, despite having no prior experience. As a florist myself, I know how difficult it can be and the bouquets just look awesome.

Ruth and Adam met in the UK back in 2007 when she moved in next door. Both being runners, Adam invited her along to his running club, and the rest, as they say, is history!
After leaving the UK they spent time travelling and finally settling here in New Zealand.

Some of Ruth's highlights were the incredibly fun photo booth, a first dance choreographed by Dayelle at Dance Dimensions and of course marrying her man! A neat idea was a badminton racquet with the face of a guest who couldn't be there attached. She made it around the whole wedding!

Enjoy these gorgeous images by Kelly Newland Photography. Check out Ruth's dress designed by the talented Josie smith who is just 18 years old.

Ruth's tips for the Bride in waiting?
Have something to keep you busy during any down time while getting ready. You don't want to be staring out the window with nerves building up.
Have the wedding that you and your partner want and don't worry about what other people expect or worry about whether they will enjoy your day or not. If they really care about you they will like it no matter what! You are not on 4 weddings. No one is judging you!
Ruth found it hard having her Mother and Maid of Honor 12000 miles away back in the UK.

Wedding Details
Venue: The lovely couple were Married at Queendom Gardens in Auckland
Photographer: Kelly Newland Photography - Kelly checked out the venue 48hours before and already had a lot of the shots in mind before the day. She also came prepared with black umbrellas and blanket in case of rain. She is very good at directing you and makes you feel relaxed. Super professional and unintrusive.

Dress: Josie Smith Couture. Josie was a pleasure to work with and she made my dream dress. It was the most incredible journey and I don't think of it so much as my dress but as our dress - mine and Josie's.

Catering: A Bite on the Side Catering - Linda was just phenomenal. The food was great. All of the plates went back to the kitchen clean. We sampled the food prior to confirming our booking and she was so flexible. We even ended giving her a couple of recipes that we wished for and she made them for us. She also created our dream cheese cake without a recipe!

The Photo booth: The Little Black Photo Booth was fab. No one was on the dance floor. They were all having their photos taken as we had provided a large props box.

Thanks for sharing Ruth!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet lemon confection

 This entire post stemmed from the beautiful chiffon drapery in the first picture. The colors and the atmosphere are delicious! I can just feel the warm tropical breeze on my skin. This is a hot weather palette that makes me thirsty for grapefruit cocktails. Drink it in!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Cute and creative tables

Table decor is sometimes one of the hardest details to pin down. There are so many possibilities that often it seems easiest to just keep it simple and traditional. But you can still add your own flavor to your table decor without going over the top or spending lots of time and money. Like the lovely ideas below, gorgeous tables are just a few stationary items and some creativity away.
(I love the use of wallpaper as a table runner on image 3) 



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