Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY Moss Graffiti.

Lets just admit it, everyone loves lettering at Weddings.

Wether it be the Newly-weds initials, an inspiring quote above the makeshift altar....

We also adore Moss Covered Letters;

But I have actually fallen in L O V E with Moss Graffiti! {click images for links}

There is a simple recipe from WikiHow to make your own Moss Graffiti Paint.

Find a board, and paint your design. Spray with water and watch it grow. I suggest giving yourself a few months ahead of the big day to a) get it right with practice, and b) give it time to get super Mossy and delightful!

It would make such an amazing backdrop with your married name like above, or a touching quote or song lyric.
For a touch of whimsy try some animals, bunnies and deer have great silhouettes. an outdoor wedding would really suit this!
How about table numbers on handmade wooden signs?

You could do whatever you wanted with this idea! What would you create?

1 comment:

  1. Letters aren't just a great design element, but an eye-catching way to personalize a wedding!



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