Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Projects - Real Wedding.

The Wedding Posts are nearing completion!
Excited? I hope so. =D

My Wedding had a whole lot of DIY. 
I would not have been able to do it all without the help and support of my Husband, my Maid of Honour & Bridesmaids, My Dad and his handiwork {not to mention his printer!}, Our very own Laura, and last but not least my AMAZINGSUPERTALENTEDRESOURCEFULANDBEAUTIFUL Mum!
Some of the DIY projects included a Photo Booth, put together lovingly, and stressfully by my Father and his Son in Law!
The Invitations, which I designed myself using free graphics sourced from various places on the web{namely pixels & ice cream.} and tediously printed, trimmed and posted.
The flowers - helped by Laura and the bridesmaid crew.
Favour Bags expertly filled and decorated by my trusty MOH, Sarah!
Blackboard signs, constructed by my Father and decorated by the MOH and myself.

Photographs all my own.

I would never have put it all together without the help from everyone involved. I did try to do it all myself at first, but there comes a point where you just have to let it go and take whatever help people will offer.
The moral of the story?
Do not be afraid to ask for DIY help!
People willingly oblige 9 times out of 10. Usually just to ensure that the Bride doesn't have a meltdown!
Ultimately, my Wedding Weekend came together beautifully, if not without a few hiccups and stresses - but what event is stress free?!

We would love to hear about any DIY projects that you may have done or be doing for your Wedding. Feel free to share with us on Facebook, or contact us via the 'Share Your Wedding' tab at the top of the page!

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