Sunday, February 28, 2010

Floral Fervour! [and apologies]

To our readers; Apologies.
We have been rather lax as of late with posting.
Laura has the best excuse in the world, since it is only FIVE DAYS[!!!!!!!!!!] until she and Nick tie the knot. [and there she is, posting on the blog before I do!]
I, on the other hand, haven't got such a good excuse. I did however disappear to Queenstown for three days, and experienced some wonderful weather, and some beautiful scenery. Which helped me to understand why my friend got married at Blanket Bay in September. Nice.

So, on Thursday, Laura and I are starting on the flowers for her wedding. Which is very exciting. I am intending on taking some step by step photos, and pictures of the final product, and sharing them with you all. So you may just receive two doses of floral goodness this week. =]

I have noticed recently, upon my browsing of the web, that many clever ladies have been using unexpected vessels in place of glass or ceramic, "classic" vases, and it adds such a cute, interesting element to the tables.
Unexpected Centerpieces, Vintage


cute, bark covered terracotta pot has a great vintage feel. here


Happy inspiration!
H x

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Love Cake.

Whilst getting a fix of previously featured Cakewrecks I stumbled across a GORGEOUS [I need to find better words] cake. I mean... this thing is beautiful, and makes me wish that pastel colours didnt make me look drained and pastier than I already am. Because I would totally theme my wedding on this cake. I love it! And the Macarons! And the cupcakes!... mmmmm

The baker of this glorious cake is EUROPEAN. Of course. Of course she is.... And people wonder why I always wish I was European...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Seriously too good to pass up, even I am going to throw my hat in the ring for this one. I'm not even engaged!!!!!!!!!
Basically, there is a couple of American Photographers, and after a quick peruse of their blogs, have noticed them to be rather talented at what they do!! They are coming over to good 'ol Aotearoa offering a free photography session.

Jessie LeMay, and Rachel Robertson are looking for A honeymooning couple, or an engaged couple to work with, various locations from Feb 23rd - March 2nd.
Spread the word! If you are, or know anyone recently married or Engaged, show them to the links!

Sapphire Wedding Inspiration.

Rather delayed post - which I must apologise for. I don't really have any excuse.
However, I am here now, and have I got some eye candy for you.

For todays post, I logged on to Etsy - Probably my favourite website- chose a precious jewel at random for the keyword; Sapphire. A classic colour selection for a wedding theme, and oh so timeless. It revealed unto me, some Etsy Beauties.

Below is my Etsy, sapphire inspired board.

The ring featured is by one of my favourite Etsy sellers [I am his Etsy stalker]; OneStoneNewYork. His rings are so beautiful. -Totally wish I was getting one of them. =/

The upcycled hand made envelopes? GORGEOUS. I would very much like to own everything I have chosen here.

Shop photo credits;
Journal, Ring, Fabric Branches,Flower Brooch, Super duper GORGEOUS upcycled stationery, , Repurposed Bombay Sapphire Gin Bottle, Vintage shoes, Train Case, Vintage Apothecary Jars, Vintage Napkins, Earrings Antique Bowl. All courtesy of the WONDERFUL world of Etsy sellers.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barnyard charm

If you are lucky enough to have family or friends who live on a farm you may have an instant, free venue for your wedding! Old barns make fantastic reception areas when decorated. Alternatively there are usually plenty of lovely spots where a marquee could work. Just bear in mind the ground needs to be relatively even. Flooring is available for hire from companies like Party warehouse here in christchurch. You can really push the rustic theme here while still remaining glamorous. Try using vintage tins as vases for bunches of garden flowers, or hanging old bottling jars in tress with candles inside. Pretty!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Floral Fervour! #2

So it is fair to say, that I have been having floristry withdrawls. I actually rather miss it. However, I have been asked to make a HUGE bouquet for my brother's friend for his wifey. Excitement! And am also super excited about the lovely Laura's wedding, her flowers are going to be SO yummy!!
I spend a relatively large amount of my time drooling over delicious bouquets, dreaming of the day I will create something as wonderful...
So with that in mind, I just want to share a nice peachy, sugary themed inspiration board of floral beauties, [which subsequently was inspired by Laura's soft vintagey colour theme!] with you all.

I just LOVE Peonies and Roses. *nom* Especially in a tussy mussy style, mixed with things such as ranunculus, anenomes, different grasses and foliage. It creates an almost whimsical atmosphere, and looks so perfect.

{images from: Amorology Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings,}

Friday, February 5, 2010

Why didn't I think of that?

Here is an idea that I came across while perusing the web for inspiration (as I so often do) late one night. Table runners can be a real expense when you don't want the organza look that is available for hire. To achieve anything from a cute quirky look to a rich, dark and luxurious atmosphere WALLPAPER is a fantastic alternative to fabric.
Besides the fact that you don't have to cut and sew like you do with cloth, it can be a very cost effective option. Of course like anything you have a range of prices from very reasonable to very high end. You will find most rolls are 10 meters in length and for around $40-$70 each thats pretty economical. Don't stop at table runners either. You can cover your favor boxes, use for napkin rings, cover your guest book... the possibilities are endless!! Here are a few ideas.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adrien Brody = Dapper

Like any girl, I have spent a good meaty chunk of my life daydreaming about my wedding, oohing ahhing and drooling over pictures of gorgeous dresses, yummy favours and decor to die for. However, the hardest thing - I have found - to find good inspiration for, is the Groom.
I am fed up of seeing waistcoats with some hideous swirl design, and pastel shade cravats with over sized tie pins.

I have realised that the easiest access to any good suited-and-booted male style inspiration is through the red carpet.

One of the most stylish male celebrities I have seen in recent years, would have to be Adrien Brody. Generally, when gracing the red carpet, he reminds me of the dapper young fellows from a bygone era - and pulls it all off with such ease. [though he has made a few errors]

Have you seen his house? It is beautiful.

Without further ado, I will let you get to the eye candy, a selection of Adrien Brody looks that would make any Groom look 10x more amazing to you;

Clearly, this is not red carpet. But I LOVE the two lighter grey suits.[not so sure about the dark grey and beige in the middle.] I adore the black buttons on Adrien's white shirt, and think the smart-casual look would work super well with a laid back, soft, garden wedding.

Loving the black lapel! But not so much the black shirt, I think a white shirt would help the lapel stand out a bit more. Makes a wonderful statement on it's own; love the open shirt collar, and think a tie would be too distracting.
Great look for Adrien. I like that the shirt is the same grey as the suit, and the coloured tie makes a nice statement, match it to your colour theme for the wedding and you have a winner!
I have always been a sucker for vintage style, and am in admiration of this ensemble. SO gorgeous, so slick. Imagine, if you will, a winter wedding, and the Groom slipping his long, wide-lapel coat on as he and the Bride leave the church, climbing into the cutest vintage car, dreamy flakes of snow drifting the the ground around them... *sigh*

I've said it before and I shall say it again. I. Love. Open. Shirt. Collars.
I also love loose ties. Loose skinny ties will be my downfall.

images from various sources; GQ, GettyImages

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ice, Ice baby

One of my favorite colours is blue. Its so calming and has so many different shades and moods. This cool ice is stunning with touches of Ivory and burnished gold. I love wedding dresses in soft hues. If you don't feel like a goddess in white or ivory then why not try a pale shade of toffee, turquoise, peach or even green. This inspiration board is so delicious I want to eat it!!! Enjoy!!

Teacups available for hire from The china cabinet. floral arrangement- martha stewart, cake- martha stewart, Kiera- best wedding dress blog, Blue bathroom- nicnac maniac, Bed- Audrey Hepburn complex, Table setting- ritzy bee blog.


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