Sunday, February 28, 2010

Floral Fervour! [and apologies]

To our readers; Apologies.
We have been rather lax as of late with posting.
Laura has the best excuse in the world, since it is only FIVE DAYS[!!!!!!!!!!] until she and Nick tie the knot. [and there she is, posting on the blog before I do!]
I, on the other hand, haven't got such a good excuse. I did however disappear to Queenstown for three days, and experienced some wonderful weather, and some beautiful scenery. Which helped me to understand why my friend got married at Blanket Bay in September. Nice.

So, on Thursday, Laura and I are starting on the flowers for her wedding. Which is very exciting. I am intending on taking some step by step photos, and pictures of the final product, and sharing them with you all. So you may just receive two doses of floral goodness this week. =]

I have noticed recently, upon my browsing of the web, that many clever ladies have been using unexpected vessels in place of glass or ceramic, "classic" vases, and it adds such a cute, interesting element to the tables.
Unexpected Centerpieces, Vintage


cute, bark covered terracotta pot has a great vintage feel. here


Happy inspiration!
H x

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