Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adrien Brody = Dapper

Like any girl, I have spent a good meaty chunk of my life daydreaming about my wedding, oohing ahhing and drooling over pictures of gorgeous dresses, yummy favours and decor to die for. However, the hardest thing - I have found - to find good inspiration for, is the Groom.
I am fed up of seeing waistcoats with some hideous swirl design, and pastel shade cravats with over sized tie pins.

I have realised that the easiest access to any good suited-and-booted male style inspiration is through the red carpet.

One of the most stylish male celebrities I have seen in recent years, would have to be Adrien Brody. Generally, when gracing the red carpet, he reminds me of the dapper young fellows from a bygone era - and pulls it all off with such ease. [though he has made a few errors]

Have you seen his house? It is beautiful.

Without further ado, I will let you get to the eye candy, a selection of Adrien Brody looks that would make any Groom look 10x more amazing to you;

Clearly, this is not red carpet. But I LOVE the two lighter grey suits.[not so sure about the dark grey and beige in the middle.] I adore the black buttons on Adrien's white shirt, and think the smart-casual look would work super well with a laid back, soft, garden wedding.

Loving the black lapel! But not so much the black shirt, I think a white shirt would help the lapel stand out a bit more. Makes a wonderful statement on it's own; love the open shirt collar, and think a tie would be too distracting.
Great look for Adrien. I like that the shirt is the same grey as the suit, and the coloured tie makes a nice statement, match it to your colour theme for the wedding and you have a winner!
I have always been a sucker for vintage style, and am in admiration of this ensemble. SO gorgeous, so slick. Imagine, if you will, a winter wedding, and the Groom slipping his long, wide-lapel coat on as he and the Bride leave the church, climbing into the cutest vintage car, dreamy flakes of snow drifting the the ground around them... *sigh*

I've said it before and I shall say it again. I. Love. Open. Shirt. Collars.
I also love loose ties. Loose skinny ties will be my downfall.

images from various sources; GQ, GettyImages

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