Saturday, September 3, 2011

Disney Princess Series; Cinderella

Good evening Brides & Vendors!

I've been wondering for a while what inspiration I could post for you next. Then I had a dress fitting this morning.
I would be lying if I said it hasn't made me excited.
How, I hear you ask Is she going to tie this in with inspiration, rather than a garbled mess of words on how excited she is for her own Wedding?

Well, my dears, I felt like a Princess. My dress isn't even finished, and it made me feel a million dollars. Feeling like a Princess is something, I hope, that every Bride gets. On that note, I thought; What better way to get inspiration, than from the best Princesses EVER!? I'm afraid I'm not talking about Diana or Katherine, though I'm sure there are plenty of Wedding blog posts out there about them.
I am talking about Disney Princesses.
I dare you to look me in the eye... well, screen, and tell me you have never wanted to be Aurora.
Ah! See, you wanted to be a Princess when you were younger too!

Stop rambling, Woman! I hear you cry.
Very well.
I am creating Inspiration Boards on my new found obsession {yes, I am aware that i am several years behind the rest of the world} Polyvore!
So here we have it. The Disney Princess Series.

Today is my take on a Modern Day Cinderella.

I still love the Coloured Wedding Dress trend, and think a minty green/blue is a subtle take on it, and a nice alternative to white.
Follow the link beneath the board to access all the information on the items, and stay tuned for the next Princess. Who's it gonna be?!

The Disney Princess Series; Cinderella

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