Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's been a long time...

My, my my. What a year we have had!
Things are still not back to normal, and I fear it is still to be a while until life is back on a steady track!
Blogging is, I'm afraid not too high up the list of things to do, but I will really try to do as much blogging as possible!

The wedding is SO close. Three months to go! I really wish I was more organised!
We have had a bit of a hiccough with the venue. =/ 
It has turned out to be more damaged by the June Earthquake than was originally thought, and is subsequently yellow stickered (restricted access) this means that the beautiful dining room will not be accessible for the reception. With such a short time frame, finding another place is out of the question. We are having a marquee set up on site, which while it is not ideal, is still a venue and a roof over the heads of our guests. I will work to try and make it as beautiful as the house interior!
Damage to the bedroom. [This is where I was going to get changed on the day. =( ]

But for now, On to the goodies!

Good News for Vintage Lovers, Christchurch! 
Tete a Tete and Two Squirrels Vintage sadly have been extensively damaged in the earthquakes and The shop locations are within the cordon. Vanessa & Warren are saying goodnight to Tete a Tete - But there is some good news in this story! Two Squirrels Vintage will be re-opening at a currently secret location, on the 2nd of September. Almost a year to the day of the first earthquake.
I wish Vanessa & Warren the best of luck, and look forward to shopping with them soon!
Keep updated by checking out their blog here; Two Squirrels Vintage.

On the inspiration side of things;

Ice & Paprika Inspiration Board.
This would lend so nicely to a winter wedding. The obvious Icy cold Blue, with a Spicy Paprika Orange to warm things up! Textures would be a great addition to this palette, or even a bit of a pattern. [LOVE the Tartan shoes & Bow Tie!]
Please enjoy! =]

Images; Bride, Cake, Elie Saab Gown, Bouquet, Carved Pumpkins, Shoes, Bow Tie, Raw Sapphire Ring

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