Saturday, April 16, 2011

These are a few of my [current] favourite things!

This post is all bout some current favourite things. Things I have stumbled upon whilst trawling the Internet. =]

These divine beauties below are from from Alexandra Grecco on Etsy. 
Any of the headpieces would make fabulous accessories for your bridesmaids, or even just get yourself a delectable birdcage veil, like "The Valerie" below.
There are even adorable scalloped shorts, floral print skirts, and mini bow hair clips!

Next up is an adorable little DIY project. 
Wedding rings are expensive, [We might even get ours from overseas!] But if you are DIY inclined, and have tools at hand, try out this DIY silver ring!
You could use a 50c coin, which is very much the same size as the 10p used in the tutorial!
I love the hammered look of rings, and this is just so cute, and upcycled! You could try making a pair, or even making a little gift for a Bridesmaid or Groomsman. 
I even think it would look nice on a chain if it doesn't fit.

Ah, Happy Saturday!

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