Sunday, January 22, 2012

Downton Abbey Geek-out

Ok, so please forgive me my nerdiness, but I have just read the Downton Abbey book. Yes, there was a behind the scenes book published about the history of the era and how things would have worked in a house similar to Downton. So interesting to read and the photographs were just gorgeous. I was swooning all over the place pawing over images of the sumptuous gowns and glimmering silverware.

This was an uncertain time, especially for young ladies as they were still bound by tradition, but the hope of freedom was on the horizon with the Suffragettes and also the first world war, which allowed women to get out of the house and contribute to the effort.

Anyway, the book naturally led me to a Downton inspired post. Think absolute luxury, vintage lace and silk, and of course monogrammed invitations my dear. Follow this link for a cute Customiseable monogram template.

Image sources 12, 3 (ITV) 4567

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