Thursday, January 26, 2012

Honey Mooners Pt1 : Venice

Another collection? Why of course! I have been rather quiet on the Blog front in the aftermath of my Wedding. [pictures are coming soon, I assure you!]

My latest inspiration has been Vintage [but of course!] Travel Posters. They have inspired me to make holiday outfit themes for Newlyweds, based on potential locations!

Today's Destination: VENICE!

I love all the colours in this beautiful Vintage Holiday poster of Venice, and it just screams romance, sun, sea and happiness. Light Sage & Strawberry Ice highlight the Tea and Cocoa in this Venice-Inspired Honeymoon theme board.

Venice is one of those cities that I think everyone dreams of visiting, and would make such a romantic Honeymoon destination.
Gondola Rides, wine-filled lazy lunches in the sun, a Venetian Masquerade Ball, hitting the Italian Fashion Boutiques; all make for an irresistible romantic Honeymoon!

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