Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ask and you shall receive... your dream wedding!

If there was a lesson I learned during the planning of my wedding, it was that if
I'd asked for more help, I would undoubtedly have saved a TON of money while maintaining
a lovely day to be proud of.

I know in the throes of  planning you can get lost in the tiny (teeny tiny even) details. 
I really believe that when you involve family and friends, your wedding becomes more joyful for everybody. However, this means you have to let go a little...yes, you can do it. Just relax a bit!
After all, your wedding is about your love for your groom, and your love for family and friends.
I have done posts like this before yes... but its a subject we all can relate to.

Here are some ideas where you could utilise possible talents of those who surround you...

Have your Cake

Do you have an aunt/gran/friend can bake a great cake? 
Just look at these lovlies below...The beautiful cakes in these pictures do not require a professional cake decorator. Imagine a few fresh flowers placed lovingly on top and voila! A very on trend wedding cake. Show pictures of what you want, and you'll get it I'm sure. 

Alternatively...if you have several 
members of the posse who make a 'signature' dessert that makes you drool...have a dessert 
bar in lieu of a cake! Anything goes these days and its all in the presentation my friends.
Cakes, cookies, pies, slices, fudge...mmmmmmm! 

The Handy-man can

DIY is big!

My lovely Papa was happy to bang together a sign post similar to the photo here. It took him a few minutes and it really looked great.

If you know some one who is handywith their handies, embrace the rustic look of DIY. 
Wedding arches, table decor, photo booth backdrops , bench seats made out of logs, dance floors, cake tables, etcetera, etcetera... Oh the possibilities! Custom made for next to nothing!
Be creative!!

Do me a favor

Mum makes a great jam, my sister does an awesome tomato chutney. How lovely to walk away from a wedding with a beautiful jar of homemade conserves. There are printable
downloads of labels available through out the web like this one from Ruby and willow over at 
postcards and pretties.

Uncle Bob loves his gardening and every seed he plants germinates into a beautiful, healthy plant. OK I don't really have an uncle Bob but I'm sure you all have someone like him around. I think plant favors are a great green option for gifts. 

 So...  I think you see what I'm getting at. The biggest new trend for weddings is DIY. Combine that with the global push to be friendly to the environment... and it all makes perfect sense. You must be brave and ask for help. Believe me, most people will feel honored at being part of your special day.

Laura xx


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