Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getaway; Iceland

Another almost "trend" I have noticed lately is quirky destination Weddings. Namely in Iceland. Did you see this divine wedding?

Iceland is a place I have always wanted to visit. Sure, one of it's un-pronounceable volcanoes erupted and brought the northern hemisphere to a standstill, but Iceland didn't ask to sit atop two tectonic plates. 
Iceland looks astoundingly beautiful. And the language is too. [Take a listen to the language being sung via another love of mine; sigur rós.]
Imagine a wonderful cozy indoor wedding during the afternoon, and then meet up with all your guests for a late night, camp fire lit reception, beneath the heart stopping
I have put together a getaway inspiration board for you.
I think an Icelandic getaway wedding would be full of textures and rich colours. I just dont think you could have a wedding in summer in Iceland. it needs snow on the mountains to add that extra contrast to a warming palette.
Alternatively you could go all out rustic, grey-white with rich woody tones with maybe a splash of a dusty red or blue.
What other countries do you think would make great Wedding destinations or Honeymoon getaways? Any suggestions?

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