Monday, August 30, 2010

Getaway; Venice, Italy.

I must apologise for my silence, I am currently on holiday from work and have been rather absent. Not the best weather to be on a break, however, I'm quite happy just chilling out with the massive bruise I got from ice skating at Lake Tekapo. =/ I am also going away with a girlfriend for a couple of nights, which should be smashing - I haven't done that in ages!
However, on to the posting! 
I am obsessed with destination weddings right now, in case you hadn't noticed....
Another dream destination just has to be Venice.
I would keep an old world charm, dusty hues and splashes of sumptuous colour, with lots of textures. Im talking a mass of ribbons and feathers and lace. How about a masquerade procession through the canals with all the guests on gondolas? And of course, a mountain of gelato at the reception!
How would you plan a Venetian wedding?


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