Monday, July 26, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things.... Link Love!

Ah, another week begins!
I hope you didn't get up to anything too strenuous over your weekend!
I have been out at various social occasions four nights in a row and have done some serious eating. I'm about ready for a meal at home!

I thought it would be nice to share a few links today!
I have been surfing the interwebs on my two days off in a row! *gasp* And I have stumbled upon some wonderful goodies.

Here are some of my favorite items from my web-surfing;


Perfect gift for the groomsmen, don't you think?
These mugs cracked me up the first time I saw them. They make me think of the nose coffee cups.
By This man.
avilable here, here, here.

Nommy Fleurs

How's about a gorgeous real wedding? Check out this beauty from Grey Likes Weddings.
I love the mix of herbs and flowers for the arrangements. Such a relaxed, romantic feel, and no panic stations required for the DIY flowers. Yum!

Victoria n' Bird!
victoria n bird
Black pinafore dressBlack and grey smock dress
Lovely little Etsy Shop.
Lovely little Blog.
I find myself squeeing with excitement every time I find a new NZ vendor who makes amaaaaaaaaazing goodies. Those smock dresses are too cute!
Ohhhhh Emmmm Geeeeee!
Perfect little dresses for a day-after-wedding picnic, don't you think?


I stumbled upon Victoria n' Bird as above, and subsequently stumbled upon Foxes.
Foxes = a treasure trove of contemporary design and handmade goodies by New Zealand Crafty types.
Below are some of my picks via Foxes;
foxes.jpg picture by Ivory-Dahlia
one, two, three, four

I hope these yums have helped you through your mondayitis!
H x

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  1. Hello! I definitely don't mind, thanks for the lovely words. Gorgeous blog ladies xx



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