Friday, July 23, 2010

DIY- Bird cake toppers

Here's how to make your very own cute Birdie cake toppers. They'll look gorgeous on top of your wedding cake!

You will need:
Assorted fabric- I found mine in the quilting section at Spotlight including tulle for the veil.
Some nice sharp scissors, some pins, a pen or pencil, a sewing machine ( or a needle and thread) and some old pillow stuffing. ( you can buy stuffing from spotlight also.)
Bits and pieces to decorate with. Glue. Skewers.

Think about your colour theme when you choose your fabric.

1- Sketch a bird shape onto fabric. Make it bigger than you want it, as once sewn it will be smaller. Also exaggerate the shape as it will be less sharp when you've finished.
The size should be in proportion with the size of your cake.

2- fold fabric in half and pin in place so that when you cut, you cut 2 shapes at once.

3- place fabric pieces back to back so the bird will be inside out. Sew around edges leaving a 2cm gap along the bottom.

4- Turn the bird in the right way (this is a little tricky).

5- stuff with polyester stuffing. Make as fat as you like. The sew the 2cm gap closed.

6- For the bride I made a veil by cutting a 7cm square piece of tulle and gathering it one end which I sewed onto the girl bird.

7- Decorate with strings of beads, diamantes, feathers, buttons or black headed pins for eyes etc. Be creative and use your theme!

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