Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding trends 2010/11

Here are my picks for the hottest trends this wedding season. The big focus is being kind to the earth we live on and there are so many ways we can do that while still having the wedding we want.

Backyard weddings
-a backyard wedding is a great way to create a relaxed vibe for your day. Hanging lanterns and fairy lights will transform the familiar space into a wonderland-

'Anything but white' wedding gowns
-the white dress is taking a back seat to subtle hues. Anything from soft blues and greens through to warm neutrals and pastels. This is an opportunity to really bring out your best features by using a shade that suits your skin tone-

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses
-this is a more laid back look for your ladies in waiting. use different tones of the same colour or stick with one and mix up the styles. This is great when you have bridesmaids of all shapes,sizes and colourings!-

Eco-friendly wedding favors
-give a gift to planet earth and use trees or plants as favors for your guests-

Garden flowers
-using garden flowers for bouquets is becoming increasingly popular. The trend is moving right away from the tight, uniform domes of roses, to loose bundles of homegrown blooms that look freshly picked from the meadow. So beautiful! This is a great cost saver too-

The bird cage veil
-these are so hot! If you like the idea of head wear but the thought of a full veil makes you feel old fashioned, try a bird cage veil. these work best with tea length or shorter dresses but you can make them work with most styles of gown-

Something really old
-as we know, vintage is still huge. Anything you can lay your hands on that is very very old, can be used somewhere in your decor. old typewriters, bottles and jars, vintage tables and chairs, old crockery, vintage fabrics and wallpapers...the list goes on and on-

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  1. Lovin' the dresses! Or I must say gorgeousness is the best word to describe it.



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