Saturday, April 24, 2010

A happy day -Part one

Hello on this lazy saturday morning... well, Im being lazy any way.

This is kind of exciting for me, as this is both our first real wedding, and also its MY wedding!!

I have really been looking forward to sharing the details of my wonderful day with the Ivory dahlia bloggies.

A HUGE thank you to Jo Grams of Moda Fotografica for her absolutely beautiful photographs of our celebration.

So, here it is!

Laura xx

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, creative photos Laura.

  2. Yay Laura! Beautiful Day! Beautiful Bride! Beautiful Flowers! {even if I do say so myself!}

    Helen x

  3. Laura is my beloved elder sister and I have to say Im hugely impressed at how creative all the details were for her wedding and how richly romantic the day turned out to be. Well done! These two young ladies (Laura and Helen) are stepping away from the of the often boring and constricting circle of typical NZ wedding planning and have spent time fossicking and foraging in all sorts of unusual places to bring the rest of us new ideas and insperations to enrich our nuptual experience.

    Thanks girls!



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