Sunday, April 25, 2010

Decoration D-I-Y Tutorial!

That’s what I am talking about!

I have been getting my craft on {what better to do on a rainy day!} and thought it would be pretty awesome to show you what I have been up to! I've been spending time creating some sweeeeeet garlands for my wedding – I am trying to get as much done now as is possible, to help try to eliminate any imminent wedding stress.

For the monogram paper garlands, you will need;

A sturdy surface, with a mat or a block of wood on top {which you won’t mind getting covered in score lines.}
Some nice patterned or plain paper, or cardstock. {In matching colours for your theme.}
Your computer.
Paper doilies. {I have used a 16cm circular doily, since they fit within A4 paper}
A fairly sharp pencil.
A craft knife/Stanley knife.
Really thin thread.
A needle.
Lace/Ribbon {optional}
A steady hand!

Steps are as follows... with photos!

1. Lay your paper on a firm surface, and the doily on top of the paper. Trace the outline of the doily on to it with your pencil {don’t press too hard in case you make a mistake}. I am using a really cute double-sided piece of paper {120 gsm}, but you could always sandwich two sheets together prior to this with spray glue, or glue stick, to make it double sided, which will look better. Plus, it will be firmer!
Plain paper does help the monogram stand out more, but having patterned paper on one side gives a cheeky flash of colour as the garland sways and turns in the wind.

2. Cut out around the traced line, to reveal your pretty doily shape! Luckily for me, the outline of my doily gives a slightly ethnic feel, which is going to look awesome with the rest of the wedding!
Erase any remaining pencil lines.

3. Now comes a tricky bit. Thankfully, Mr and I have simple initials, so cutting out the monogram is pretty straightforward.
Open a program, such as Word, Publisher, or an editing program – something where you can put a dark text on a light background. Make your monogram!
I used PSP, and a simple font {fancy fonts tend to have lots of swirls and such, which you cant cut out.} I set the font at 72 PT and BOLD. But be creative, play with different sizes, spacings, arrangements. Make it suit your day.

4. Set your newly cut paper doily against the screen of your computer, and centre the monogram in the outline, and trace the monogram onto your paper {this is where the steady hand comes in!}.
Your computer screen effectively works as a light box…. Just be careful with that pencil if you are using a laptop!
It does pay to tidy up the lines with a ruler and a steadier hand, once you are back on your drawing surface.

5. Take your sharp craft knife, and carefully cut out the letters of the monogram. It is often easier to use the ruler as a guide for straight letters.
Carefully pop the letters out as you go, taking care not to rip it.
6. To hang your doily, take your needle and poke a teeeeensy hole in the top. You can either thread the needle and feed it through or just feed the thread through to hole with your fingers. {this leaves a less visible hole}
Thread the desired length through, and break off from the spool. Take the two ends and tie together in a small, double knot.
Hang where desired, et voila!

You can decorate with these doilies however you wish, the posibilities are endless! You can string numerous doilies together, making knots behind each one, so they dont all bunch together or fall off the thread!
You can even attatch them to a length of ribbon or lace, or decorate with a bow as shown in the final picture..
Let your creativity take charge!

I hope this tutorial helped!

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