Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Christchurch Bridal Expo[s]

So this Sunday past, I made a day of visiting both of the Bridal shows in Christchurch.

I have a general idea of what I want for my wedding, so I wasn't attending for inspiration, but more for an idea of what vendors where.

A selection of Christchurch businesses are already jotted down, scribbled into my wedding notebook, so it was great to put a few faces to the businesses, and know who I might be dealing with for my intricate details, such as the decision that macarons MUST be a part of my dessert table. - So imagine my squee of excitement when I walk inside and find J'aime Les Macarons as one of the first stalls at The Great NZ Bridal Show! [and subsequently received a free macaron! - which was delicious.]

As a whole, the Great NZ Bridal Show was well organised, and the displays were good. The $15 door charge was reasonable, though I'm not so sure what the money went towards.
I did however, find one overly forceful vendor, with three staff members, all of whom had severely bad hygiene. I can't quite see the logic in thinking that it encourages couples to opt for your business, over another, well groomed, attentive group.
However, it was a great opportunity to find out about local businesses that I hadn't yet discovered.

The Great NZ Bridal Show was definitely the more popular of the two, and the Wedding Show from Wedding Wonderland left much to be desired. Sure, I found a couple of pretty awesome vendors, for example Ruby & Scarlett, who do some beautiful letterpress. But it felt so empty in the Convention centre, since it was such a large space and the stalls were almost dropped in the middle of the hall, surrounded by office walls.
We also arrived at the time of the exercise demonstration; the music of which was completely overpowering, and I found myself unable to talk to any of the vendors as we were just shouting at one another over the music.
I kind of feel it was a waste of $10, just to wander round a selection of disappointing stalls. Though it is also a shame that some of the more promising stalls, such as Mille Feulle didnt get as much exposure.

Did anybody out there go to the Expo's over the weekend?
Any feedback or notable experiences? Comment us!

I can't have a post without a little eye candy, today forwarded from Green Wedding Shoes.

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