Tuesday, October 12, 2010


While sharing the amazing experience of wedding dress hunting with a very good friend recently, my passion for gowns was well and truly reignited! I nearly had a coronary each time she came out from behind the silky curtain, each dress looking more gorgeous than the last. I love a good strong silhouette on a dress, and these styles really caught my eye. Most of the dresses I have chosen are available in NZ also which is a super- bonus. Although I won't be needing another dress anytime soon...sad face.

Check out the Clarissa Grace website if you can (linked below). There are some gorgeous designs to drool over.

1- Not NZ- Tony Hamway, 2- Anna Schimmel,  3 & 7- Jane Yeh 4,5,6,8 & 10- Modes-Auckland, 9- Clarissa Grace @ Bridal brilliance.

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