Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All gloved up

I've got a wee crush on short gloves. Feminine, lacy and vintage if possible. 
It takes a confident bride to wear gloves for her big day, but how gorgeous for an autumn or winter wedding! If you think you can carry off this look keep a few things in mind...
Match the weight of gloves to your gown. 
You dont want to wear too heavy a glove with a delicate dress. 
Avoiding stark white is the way to go if you dont want to look like Minnie mouse. See the gorgeous honey toned examples below. Close to skin tone is far more subtle.
If you want the gloved look but don't want your own hands covered ( for bling reasons), give your bridesmaids a cute fifties vibe and glove 'em up.

If you're looking for gloves in Christchurch try Tete a tete vintage clothing, in Auckland check out Passionata or Peachy keen vintage, Wellington, Sweet vintage clothing.

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  1. Rad! I love the look of gloves on brides! I did a post on gloves too, though I didn't find as many images as you did. These are all gorgeous!



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