Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They Call Me Mellow Yellow.....

Quite rightly....

I have always been amazed at people who have had pretty yellow weddings. Not in a bad way, Just in an "Oh my word, how on earth did you pull off yellow so well" way.
It has always been a colour that scares me, mainly because I know I can never pull it off. Unless I had intended to look jaundice.

I have however put together a board for those of you brave enough to try yellow. How to do Mellow Yellow. Not Jaundice Yellow.

Try mixing a bright yellow with chocolate, olive and mustard for an earthy, fun palette.

Yellow and Charcoal fit well together for a modern Wedding.

How about yellow nail polish with your dress? Its super funky, yet understated if you don't want to go overboard with the yellow.

img credits; Couple through window, table, bouquet, couple walking, 'Darwin' by Ruby&Willow, cupcakes, yellow dress, tulips, yellow and brown wedding
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