Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shoes of prey

Design your own dream wedding shoes!

I'm as so very excited to share with you a website that any woman in her right mind - provided she likes shoes - will hyperventilate over! When I can breathe I will explain...

O.K. here goes...

Shoes of prey allows you to design your own shoes using basic templates. I mean, you can choose colours, fabrics, shapes, heels etc, etc, etc!! How awesome is that!!

Their bespoke shoes cost $250 for ballet flats; $325 for 1½ to 3½ inch heels, $390 for 4 to 4½ inch heels and $455 for ankle boots and they will ship to little old NZ... And they do Gift vouchers! (prices valid at time of post)
So if you just cannot find the perfect shoes for your wedding, give them a go. Nothing could be more fun.

Here are a couple of pairs I came up with while I as playing and some styles from the gallery...


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