Monday, March 8, 2010

Nautical Wonderment

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I come bearing gifts! In apology for the lax posting, enjoy some nautical noms.

Personally, the idea of a beach wedding strikes me as rather overdone, almost cliché'd however, some people just suit that kind of thing, and I was browsing the web-space for vintage bathing suits of all things, and was inspired to create a board for a nautical theme wedding.
I love the ship in a bottle, what an interesting centerpiece!
Fill vintage pails with loose, bright flower arrangements, and dress your bridesmaids in personally flattering sailor style dresses.
I have a serious love for stripes and polka dots, they can instantly make anything adorable, and the nautical reds and blues are to die for!

Helen x


  1. This is a great idea for a by the sea wedding theme. I adore the sailor dress. How did you make the place card holders? Thanks for sharing.

  2. If only we were that clever! Unfortunately we don't know where they came from.



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