Monday, January 25, 2010

Floral fervour!

Since the flowers are one of the most important aspects of any wedding, I thought; why not start with just that!

Conveniently enough for The Ivory Dahlia, Laura and Myeslf are both Florists by trade. [which is how we met and have subsequently realised this blog together!]

So today, I am blogging about just that; Flowers.

May I introduce to you; Floral Fervour. [because I am in the mood for a little alliteration]

Floral Fervour- I have decided- will be a fortnightly occurance, in which Laura and Myself will bring you something wonderful, and flower related. it could be a spotlight on a florist, DIY arrangements, or even something we cooked up ourselves! The possibilities are endless, and the outcome is always gorgeous, and (almost) always New Zealand. =]

For the first Floral Fervour, I thought we would start simple, and have a nosey at some DIY ideas for decorating with flowers.

I am absolutely in LOVE with the idea of adorning tables with a collection of vintage and upcycled bottles in various shapes and sizes. I have seen some really cute bottles around, even coffee jars come in some good shapes. I also find that local produce/farmers/craft markets can house some wonders. [granted that you will have to eat whatever organic goodness is contained within *sigh* before using it for flowers.]
Teamed with the right flowers, it could create dreamy centrepieces for any wedding.

And it doesnt take much.

All you need to know is what flowers you like and what season they are available. There are growers all over this little country, so sourcing & ordering won't be much of a chore. Better still, you could completely cut out the middle man, and grow your own! The Warehouse do a great selection of bulbs in spring, and Bunnings, Mitre10 and local Garden centres are easy to hit up and get some gorgeous plants.

Clear glass bottles are the obvious and most readily available choice, but you can also find some wonderful vintage glass in various shades of green and blue. Blue vases with silver/white flowers; lambs ear, echinops, sea holly, ananomes, roses etc would look classy and elegant.

Or even green vases with yellow flowers; billy buttons, roses or poppies would look bright and beautiful for a summer, yellow-themed wedding.

Personally, I am currently persuing an obsession with echinops and alliums, which would look SO cute in upcycled/vintage jars bottles and vases!
Jar at header tall jar vintageprettythings at etsy, bottles with corks twolittlesmom at Etsy, all flower pictures are from GettyImages.

Some examples of local growers include Moffatts Roses, Fairleigh farm, Aromaunga.
Riccarton Rotary market is a treasure trove of vintage finds and trade me is a great tool to help you find odds and ends.
Hope this helps inspire you!

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