Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am in awe right now, [and also a little bit jealous] Of these women; Kate Holland and Fiona Andersen.
They are both SO amazing at what they do.

I have seen many many many photographers' work in New Zealand, but only a few have ever managed to make me this excited. PLUS Fiona's blogging is incredible, witty, imaginative, beautiful. And just to make you love-hate her a little more; Her photography is sublime. I was actually floored by the beauty in her photos. The colours and the feelings are just absolutely incredible.

What excites me even more [if that is even possible before I become a gooey mess of admiration on the floor], is that Fiona and my next awe-fuelling artist have got some secret collaborative work in the pipeline! *shudders with anticipation*
Kate Holland [who has already been featured with us] is also on my 'wish i was as talented as...' list.
Her stationery is magnificent. Absolutely divine. She has custom designed these little darlings for the impending wedding of The Ivory Dahlia's Laura. The detail astounds me. It is so intricate and personal, and I LOVE how all of her designs are so unique, and there isnt even the slightest whiff of pretence. Just sheer talent and an overwhelming desire to create something beautiful, memorable, and perfect.

Ladies, I salute you both and your beautiful gifts.
It is a shame, almost, that I am writing this when The Ivory Dahlia is so new. Nobody will see it! However, given time...

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  1. Hi girls, I came across your blog through the comment you left on mine. I love this blogging world and I'm delighted to see another gorgeous NZ one has been borne!! Thank you SO much for your lovely lovely comments, and I fab is Fiona!! Very excited about our plans...we will keep you informed! It was a pleasure working with Laura and I look forward to featuring her gorgeous wedding on Magnolia Rouge very soon!! Keep up the good work, Kate xx



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