Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Party like a beauty school drop out

I have been both a hen (bachelorette/stagette) and a henee (organised a hen's party) and I have to say, they can be quite a puzzle! You want whoever plans your party to know you very, very well. Although boozy nights out where you can't remember where you left your bra certainly have their place there are many much more grown up and pleasant ways to say adieu to your single life.

Here's a cute idea. The fifties are huge right now and why not get your piece of the cherry pie by having a beauty school picnic. Spend a full day with your gals. Pampering and prepping at home, chewing gum, painting nails and pouffing up your tresses while listening to Bobby Darin followed by a day out at the park or beach or even a secluded meadow somewhere chomping mini burgers, fries and cupcakes (washed down with champagne of course ) while gossiping about that popular girl who thought she was so hot and reminiscing  about the dreamboat you used to date in high school.

My tip for those organising a hen's party....
Talk to your bride about what she would like... I bet she has a lot of her own ideas!!


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