Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Put a Spin on it.....

I have a tiny jealous Bride living inside me, who goes all green with envy every time I see a Wedding which has elements I adore and wanted.
Today's example, a Wedding where a bride is wearing a coloured wedding dress. By coloured, I mean straying from the norm of White, Off White and Ivory!
I haven't a problem with Brides in coloured Dresses, and that just IS my problem. I get jealous. So, So jealous because they look so good!

If I had a big anniversary, I'd probably have a gathering with friends and celebrate. I may just be inclined to buy a second Wedding Dress. Teehee!
These are my coloured favourites!

One. - BEAUTIFUL Lela Rose creation, unfortunately at a 'too many dollars for me' price. But A Girl can dream. . . . . .
The watercolour print caught my eye - flashy and different without taking too much away from the idea of a Bridal Dress. It also allows you to have fun with your theme for the big day! How about bridesmaids each wearing different colours featured on the dress?

Available from NET-A-PORTER

Two. - This one shoulder dress is LOVELY. I adore interesting shapes and different necklines in Wedding Dresses. This would be great for an Intimate Wedding, teamed with some sparkly gold heeled shoes to showcase those legs!
Available from Suzannah

Three- Little bit Glitzy & Glam with the sequins, but also a little quirky with the blush rose colour. Not so good for Busty Brides with the ruffles on the front, but Ideal for you petite ladies out there!

available from Rachel Gilbert at NET-A-PORTER

Four - If you have learnt one thing about me, it is probably that I LOVE Grey. This dress is no exception! The neckline is so beautiful, and would flatter so many shapes. The shade of grey is to die for. You could go simple, or accessorise to the max!

Available from J.Crew

Which is your favourite?

Have a great week, lovelies!

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  1. LOVE the grey one, too! And yes, the trend of colored wedding dresses is a fabulous option for today's brides!



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