Friday, September 17, 2010

Something to listen to...

Music is great. It's also a very personal thing. Choosing wedding music is a VERY difficult task! I know this as I have recently experienced the challenge of putting together a playlist for my own wedding.
(We had an Ipod playing.)

A few tips

#1 You can't please everyone so you may as well please yourself! ( However, I tried to put a little    something in for those very special to me.)
#2  Try to steer clear of explicit lyrics... for obvious reasons.
#3  Have friends contribute by asking them what they would like to hear at your wedding.
#4  Plan your wedding tunes in sections as in: Ceremony music/ Dinner music/ Speeches music ( pref quiet) /Dancing and or Party music. You can create very different atmospheres for each period of time. In general, the music you play for the dinner will be quite relaxed while after dinner will be more celebratory and upbeat, but again thats all up to you.
#5 Not all your songs have to be love songs. Choose tracks that hold memories for the both of you, for your families and your friends. If its a little dorky, that's ok... its your wedding.
#6 Having a era theme for your wedding eg. 20's, 50's, 60's, Rock'n'roll, Country, makes choosing your music a little easier as you have a direction to go in.
#7 The best way to find songs you like is to listen to lots of music!

Here are a few songs I think are cute, in case you were looking for a little extra inspiration or just something to listen to...

Nina Simone- My baby just cares for me
The Temper Trap- Sweet disposition
Snow patrol- Chocolate
Fleet Foxes- White winter Hymnal
Cathy Davey- Reuben
Vampire weekend- Cape cod Kwassa kwassa
Lykke li- Tonight
Patience and Prudence- Tonight you belong to me
Sarah Blasko- All I want 
The Killers- Romeo and Juliet
Lisa Mitchell- Clean white love
Old crow medicine show- Tear it down
Department of Eagles- Teenagers

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